HT-CS180 electric air supply long tube respirator

Product introduction:

The electric air supply type long tube respirator is a kind of safety protection equipment that the air supply fan delivers the filtered atmospheric air to the wearer through the long gas transmission pipe. It is suitable for chemical, petroleum, electric power, and gold treatment, especially in narrow spaces. This product does not need a compressed air source when using, but uses an electric fan to send fresh air into the mask through the air duct for breathing. The 220V AC power supply can be used to plug in the connector, which is not limited by time and has a wide range of uses.

Product certification:

Main technical parameters:

Number of users(1~4) persons
Supply air flow>1000L/min
Rated power180W
Rated voltage220V
Pipe length10m20m30m
Package sizeFan 400*285*300mmLong tube 400*395*300mm