MZS-30 Automatic Regenerator

Product introduction:

The automatic resuscitator device is filled with medical oxygen to remove foreign bodies in the mouth and respiratory tract and perform artificial respiration under aerobic conditions. It is applicable to rescue the wounded with respiratory paralysis or respiratory depression, such as carbon oxide or other toxic gas poisoning due to chest trauma, drowning and electric shock, which cause respiratory arrest or asphyxia.

Product certification:

Main technical parameters:

Operating pressure of oxygen cylinder20MPa
Water volume of oxygen cylinder1L
Automatic lung volume(12~25.5)L/min
Inflation pressure(1.77~2.45)kPa
Extraction pressure(-1.47~-1.96)kPa
Automatic breathing air supply≥15L/min
Sputum suction and ejection pressure≤-59kPa
Net weight of main engine<8kg
Overall dimensions420*330*160mm